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With a strong and extended knowledge of the Real Estate business in St Tropez since 1982, Dominique and I founded the RIVIERA Real Estate Agency in April 1989.

In the Eighties, we encouraged our customers to buy, as the market was very attractive for informed purchasers. At that time we had a low number of clients interested to buy; for instance, a villa on the water in the parks of St Tropez.

Those who took our advice and bought the property, have definitely today no regret! 

Purchasing a Villa in the Bay of St Tropez is at the same time a pleasure, and a reasonable investment.With the help of RIVIERA Real Estate Agency, you will make the right choice that you will also not regret.


The Real Estate Market is cyclic, as most financial markets. It is not linear.

It's a LONG TERM INVESTMENT, An EXCELLENT ONE, perhaps the best!

And, as I often say to my clients, it is an investment we have pleasure to live in, renovate, and in fact to add value to.

Of course, the real estate value oscillates. It knows its short-term peaks and lows. But in the long run, they are raising oscillations. The curve undulates but with a slope always ascending.


St Tropez is small, and the Bay of St Tropez is not big.

The territory is limited. Moreover the town master plan is very restrictive. The mayors strongly try to preserve the exceptional quality of this site. So the local authorities release very little land, and in fact not even anymore constructible building land.

We then have to deal with a limited amount of space, with existing constructions that owners transform, or improve. However, the total of existing homes does not significantly rise.

Thus there is no room for everyone!

First arrived, first served.

The direct consequence is to have a shortage in the offer and thus an increase in the demand, which implies price climbing.

That is the simple eternal law of the offer and the demand.



St Tropez Real Estate market may slow down; however, it is for never too long.

Of course, St Tropez real estate market may weaken, but it does not last.

For instance, in 1990, we faced a sudden and strong fall of properties values, which followed an excessive real estate speculation. This fall was a direct result of a continuous and very consistent raise in prices.

In those difficult periods, when it is so difficult to evaluate correctly the properties prices, the Real Estate Agent has more than ever a client advice duty. He has to alert and guide his client through those areas of turbulence. It is with only a solid knowledge of his profession and of the market, that the Real Estate Agent has the correct tools to give the right advice.





The real estate business is not made for amateurs. It can be only handled by professional hands. It is a SIGNIFICANT INVESTMENT, A LIFETIME SAVING.

A real pro will know how to perfectly handle this business. It is with confidence that he will give you the right advices at the right time.

Unlike some of those amateurs, we will not disappear after having sold the property.

The RIVIERA Real Estate Agency exists since 1989.





So, what happened after 1990?

After 1994, there was a progressive and solid new start in the market.

Nowadays, the curve continues to rise steadily. Even the 1990 buyers, who bought at the peak of that speculative bubble, are today the big winners, as they waited the right amount of time.

It does not matter what may be the date on the entrance ticket, in the long run, whether the market is shaky or not, we all are winners!





We are going to guide you, doing our job in communicating you sincerely and honestly our old market knowledge.

At the RIVIERA Real Estate Agency we have two passions: the Bay of St Tropez Villas in this magic and unique European area; and You, our clients who honored us with your trust since so many years.

A happy client, satisfied with our services, is the greatest reward we can hope for.

We hope to meet you soon,

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