Villa St. Tropez


If you own a villa in ST Tropez and wish to let us manage it, it is in safe and carefree hands that we will do so.

We will represent you and make sure to be always present and prepared to readily act to face difficult situations such as technical or administrative issues.


Villa's swimming-pool
1.The POOL
: maintenance of quality by a professional company. We will make sure it is always functioning properly, in executing all the reparations necessary (such as leaks, or troubles with the water pump). It is also with your wish, that we will heat the pool if you desire so.

Villa's gardener2. The GARDEN: maintenance of quality by an experimented gardener. Regular trims and treatments, with regular checking on the automatic watering.

3.The AIR CONDITIONING: checking it prior to your arrival and making sure it is always properly functioning by a professional company.

4. The HEATING: complete management of the boiler by a professional company, making sure the tanks are always full of gas or fuel oil.

Villa's plumbing4.The PLUMBING: There will be regular visits of a plumber, executing the reparations necessary.

6. The ELECTRICITY: A professional will check if the electrical installation is in accordance with to the rules and if not he will do the necessaries repairs.

7.COMMON MANAGEMENT: locksmith, carpenter, tiller, painter and other companies will be ready to intervene in any necessary situations to make sure to maintain the villa in perfect condition.

Villa's painter8.HOUSEKEEPERS: We will establish the SALARIES of housekeepers and pay the social contributions. We will also take care of their starting and departing contracts check their work and establish a proper relation between you and your home staff.

9.THE ADMINISTRATION, LOCAL TAXES: We will handle all the bills concerning the local taxes: "Taxe Fonciere", "Taxe d'habitation" and other types of taxes. We will also respond any mails and calls concerning the local administration.

handyman10.PAYING THE BILLS: We will do so, in managing your account from our agency. Our real estate agency has the ability to pay all bills for you. We are protected by a FINANCIAL WARRANTY which is necessary by law for each villa management.

Villa's housekeepers11.REGULAR REPORTS OF YOUR ACCOUNT MANAGING YOUR VILLA: We will often address you a report which will permit you to follow all the expenses concerning your villa. The necessary amounts will be asked periodically to put money into your account.

Villa's management billsAsk for an estimate to manage your villa in the Bay of St Tropez in calling the Agency with the following number:

Receprioniste de l'Agence immobiliere RIVIERAFrom France: 04 94 54 83 82

From foreign countries: + 33 4 94 54 83 82

Dominique will be happy to answer all your questions,


In managing your villa, it is our real pleasure to make you carefree!

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