Villa St. Tropez

you rent

You own a villa in St Tropez and you wish to rent it during the summer holidays.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Call + 33 494 548 382 to schedule an appointment to visit your villa.

2. The Estimate: You wish to know your Bay of St Tropez Villa monthly rental.

We will give you a written home estimate value in a few days after the visit.

Here are the following main criteria which determine a villa's value:

A. Rental's month:

Months of July and August are by far the most requested months. The rents are equivalent for July or August.

Then the month of June is the month of interest, as it is often directly linked to the month of July. It is frequent to have a request of a rental starting the 15th of June to the end of July, and even from the 15th of June to end of August. June's rent is roughly equal to 60% of the July or August rent.

The month of September is not so much requested, but could interest a client who would like to extend his holidays of August. September's rent is roughly equal to 50% of the rent of August.

B. The Location:

a. The City;

Saint Tropez and Ramatuelle, are the cities the most requested.

Concerning Saint Tropez, the most requested areas are: The « Sainte Anne Chapel » area because it is close to down town (no traffic), the « Graniers » for the same reason, the « Parks of St Tropez », the « Treilles de la Moutte », the « parks de la Moutte », the « salins ».

Concerning Ramatuelle, a Villa close to the beach is an important advantage, the « Parks of Tahiti », the « Pampelonne beaches residencies » and other communities all along the beaches.

Concerning GASSIN, the « SINOPOLIS » estate and the « Lotissement du Golfe » estate, with the spectacular sea views and the St Tropez village proximity are of big interest.

Concerning GRIMAUD, the area of the « parks of Beauvallon » is a requested rental location, with its very beautiful sea views, elegant houses and sophisticated architecture.

b. The view; Essential criteria; the sea view is a first choice, but overlooking the countryside, vines, hills or the village are appreciated.

c. The Land area ; Concerning a rental it is a criteria of average importance, nevertheless a landscaped garden or a park, are of course an advantage which add to the rental value.

B. The House :

•a. The area and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms; It is an essential parameter; the rental is directly linked to the home's habitability. A great room, dining room, a well equipped kitchen are of first importance. The number of bedrooms and even more the number of beds are fundamental! And of course the number of bathrooms and showers, and their qualities are essential.

•b. Technical qualities; A well built Villa, windows and doors, good isolation, and air-conditioning, are strong parameters in the rental calculation.

•c. Architecture; A home designed by a good and locally well known architect, an elegant home, a practical and easy spatial arrangment are certainly taken into account.

•d. Rooms well furnished ;To rent your villa, it is important to offer a house correctly furnished, it is fundamental ! A Villa nicely decorated, with furniture of quality, will be much easier to rent and to obtain a higher rental.

•e. The outdoors ; A swimming pool, a pool-house, a landscaped garden, the automatic garden watering, are important parameters. The SWIMMING POOL is in fact the most important parameter for a summer rental!

Those are the parameters that will help us to calculate the rental estimate.

3. Guided tours.

You live in the house: Then it is simple, we call you before visiting. The clients come with us. The tour generally last between 30 and 45 minutes.

You are absent and You have housekeepers: same thing, we call the housekeeper before visiting.

You are absent and have no housekeepers: We need keys and to know the alarm code. Do not worry, we are used to it and keep the keys in a safe place.

4. After the tour:

We then mail you a letter with the visitor name and address and with some comments about his first feelings.

5. The Rental Contract :

We take care of everything, we have the expertise.

A deposit is joined to the signed contract. Another deposit is paid by the client to cover any eventual problems during his stay. This amount will be returned to the tenant after his departure, and after deducting the cost of eventual broken items, electricity and phone.

6. At the tenant arrival :

We check the owner furniture inventory and we note the numbers on the electrical counter.

The housework has to be done and the cleaning woman to be paid by the owner.

A separate settlement will precise if the towels and the sheets are supplied by the owner or will be rented by the tenant.

7. During the rental :

What is included in the rent; The upkeep of the garden, of the swimming pool, the repair of all the house appliances and items necessary to maintain the villa in perfect condition.

What is not included in the rent; the housekeeper, the cook (This staff has to be requested by the tenant before his arrival).

8. After the rental :

The tenant has to leave the villa as it was at his arrival. The house cleaning done with the housekeeper paid by him.

At his departure we will check the furniture inventory with the tenant, and we will deduct from his deposit any cost due to broken items.

We will deduct the phone cost as soon as we will receive the phone company bill.

Concerning the water, a basic rate is included in the rent.

Concerning the electricity cost, we take the counter numbers at the tenant arrival and at his departure, and we will deduct the calculated consumption.

A satisfied tenant and an owner who had no problems, will follow with a probable renewed rental the following year!

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