Villa St. Tropez

you sell

Villa a vendre a saint tropez

You own a Villa in St Tropez and you wish to sell it.

Here are the steps to follow:

1. Call + 33 494 548 382 to schedule an appointment to visit your villa.

2. The estimate: you wish to know your Bay of St Tropez home Value.

We will give you a written home estimate value in a few days after the visit.

Here are the following main criteria that determine the villa's value:

A. The Land :

a. The Location; the M2/price is very different depending of the city, the city area, its distance to the sea.

b. The view; Essential criteria; the sea view is a first choice, but overlooking the countryside, vines, hills or the village are appreciated.

c. The area; of course the bigger the land is, the higher the price. But the sole area is not the unique parameter. The constructible density, for the French administration the "C.O.S", is very important also, the more you are able to build, the higher the land value is.

d. The house aspect; Depending if the house is facing south or north it will have a different sun. If the villa is facing East or West, the wind will be different (rain from east or mistral from west).

e. The Garden; what are the most important trees, some of them could be very valuable. Is the garden landscaped by a garden designer?

B. The House :

•a. The area; Essential parameter, price and house area are directly proportional. You can multiply the area to the construction-M2 cost, and you get a rough evaluation of the villa constructible value.

•b. Technical qualities ; building materials, plumbing, the roof, electrical installation, painting, quality of the concrete, isolation, security, doors and windows, woodwork etc.

•c. The architecture; A recognized architect signature, an elegant home well designed, a spacious easy to live house.

•d. Rooms easy to furnish; aspect, brightness, finish, interior design.

•e. Outdoors; swimming-pool, pool house, landscaped garden, automatic sprinklers.

Those are the parameters that will help us to calculate the estimate.

3. Sale « Mandate »

A. exclusive « Mandate »

Advantages; your property is our priority. It will be a first choice on the website, first to be advertised, and RIVIERA Agency will be the one coordinating the other agents in our agencies network.

Obligations; agency commission is 5% of the sale price without taxes; this commission is included in the price communicated to buyers.

During the time we are under contract, generally three months, (automatically three more months renewed if not denied by the owner), the owner is not allowed to sell directly or with the help of another real estate agency.

B. Simple « Mandate »

You choose a few real estate agencies to sell your property.

The commission is 5% of the sale price, excluding taxes.

The inconvenient relative to the exclusive "Mandate", you do not get a unique representative and a coordinator.

The same buyer could contact several real estate agencies who know the house strengths and weakness.

4. Guided tours.

You live in the house: Then it is simple, we call you before visiting. The potential buyers come with us. The tour generally last between 30 and 45 minutes.

You are absent and You have housekeepers: same thing, we call the housekeeper before visiting.

You are absent and have no housekeepers : We need keys and to know the alarm code. Do not worry, we are used to it and keep the keys in a safe place

5. After the tour:

We mail you then a letter with the visitor name and address and with some comments about his first feelings.

6. The visitor is interested :

We start the negotiation. A well established real estate agent has the best chance to finalize a complex sale process.

7. The first sale contract :

We can prepare the first contract, we are qualified.

If you prefer, your "notaire" can prepare the first contract. The buyer has the right to have his own "notaire".

In this case the "notaries" work together, and split equally the fees.

If you sell furnished, we establish a precise and complete inventory

The final sale contract will be signed two to three months after. We will take care of the water, electricity, phone and all necessary administration transfers.

8. After the sale:

We offer to the new owner a management contract.

We organize a smooth transition from the first owner to the new one.

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